Relive the Nostalgia: Microsoft and Mattel Collaborate for a Mega Bloks Xbox 360 Kit

Microsoft and Mattel have joined hands to give tribute to the famous Xbox 360 system in a charming twist of nostalgia. The Xbox 360 Mega Bloks kit, which was revealed as an exclusive Target release, ought to reach store shelves on October 8, 2023. It will give gamers and collectors a chance to relive the glory days of Halo 3 and the famous white Xbox 360.

The Mega Bloks Xbox 360 Kit: A Gamer’s Dream

This incredible kit has over 1,300 finely produced parts that allow fans to build a 3:4 size model of the vintage Xbox 360. But the nostalgia doesn’t stop there; the package also contains parts for building a wireless controller, a portable hard drive, and a Halo 3-inspired game casing.

Mega Bloks Xbox 360 kit

Putting the Halo 3 disc in the console lights up the motherboard and adds fun to the cool kit feature.

The attention to detail in this kit is what sets it different. Every piece copies the classic game system: console lights, removable drive, and interactive inside.

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The Xbox 360 kit’s sides come off, find fun stuff inside. Building it’s great for 18+ fans.

Collector’s Dream Come True

Despite its nostalgic appeal, we need to note that this Mega Bloks Xbox 360 kit is a collector’s dream come true rather than a working system. Inside, same hardware is secret, adds suspense for builders.

Mega Bloks Xbox 360 kit

Some may be skeptical of Microsoft’s decision to collaborate with Mattel’s Mega Bloks rather than the more well-known Lego brand. But the results speak for themselves. The package includes an authentic diorama of the Xbox 360 that is likely to please both gamers and collectors.

Availability and Pricing

The Xbox 360 Mega Bloks kit costs $149.99 and Target will exclusively sell it. Pre-orders for this special edition sold out quickly. However, fans can buy it when it officially launches on October 8, 2023, to own a part of gaming history.

This Mega Bloks Xbox 360 kit is a unique and beloved addition to the world of gaming collectibles. It appeals to individuals who have a strong appreciation for Microsoft’s gaming tradition. Also, it’s a great gift for those who love making elaborate and nostalgic masterpieces.

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