Render Leak Reveals Eye-catching Design of the OnePlus Pad

has never been one of those brands stuck with designs that the tech industry considers conventional. For years, we have seen OnePlus surprising us with quirky designs on the camera module of their flagship phones. So, if you expect the upcoming OnePlus Pad to be different, you might be very off.

Talking of which, earlier today, Pad was still something that was a total mystery to us. All we knew was that the tablet would launch on February 7th at the Cloud 11 event. And in case you missed it, the Cloud 11 event will also debut OnePlus 11 global version and OnePlus 11R.

Well, now, the previously vague tablet has emerged with renders. And as mentioned earlier, OnePlus has again surprised us with its quirky design language.

The Official Pad Renders Are Here!

The new Pad might not look all that different when viewed from the front. In fact, it is very similar to all the jumbo-sized tablets that we have today. However, if you look at the back, you will surely see something that is “unique” to the Pad.

OnePlus Pad Render

Firstly, the thing that makes the back of the Pad stand out is the large round ring at the center. And from what it looks like, that ring will house a mysterious camera setup.

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OnePlus Pad render

It is not possible to say whether the rear camera system will feature one or two sensors. And it is certainly not clear what sensors will the tablet come with. However, one thing that is certain about the camera setup is that it is placed in a rather “unconventional” way. Classic OnePlus, right?

Secondly, when the initial leak about the device came out, rumors suggested that the tablet would be a rebranded tablet. However, now we are pretty sure that the Pad is not a clone of the 11-inch Oppo Pad.

OnePlus Pad Render

Still, there are no clear indications about the internals. But the leaks suggest that it could go directly against the Galaxy Tab S8. So, it might have a beefed-up spec sheet.

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