Replay your Full 2022 Playlist on Apple Music Now, Replay 2023

If you find yourself reading this, then there is a high probability that you are an Music subscriber or you are about to be. As of today, all Apple Music subscribers can replay their top 100 music of 2022 in the latest Playlist dubbed Replay 2023. As 2023 progresses Apple will update the Playlist every week so that you can keep enjoying your favorite songs.

How Does Apple Music Organize the Playlist? Apple Music Playlist

Every Sunday, Playlist 2023 will update with a new order of your favorite music of the week on Apple Music. This will go on through to December. By the end of the year, you will have a full list of your top 100 music in the Playlist.

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This is an auto generated Playlist by Apple Music. You have to listen to enough music in Apple Music for it to generate your favorite music collection. Ones this is done, you will find your personalized Playlist at the bottom of the ‘Listen Now' tab in Apple Music. It does not matter the platform you are using, you can find it on iOS, iPadOS or MacOS.

Where to Find Your Apple Music Playlist Apple Music Playlist

You can also find it on Apple Music web version. On the web version you get an even detailed Playlist than that of the mobile platforms. This includes your most streamed artists and albums as well as how many times you have listened to a particular music. You even get to see how many hours of play on the Apple Music for the Web platform.

Apple started this from 2019 and it has been playing quite well till date. Meanwhile Spotify has been the main dominant force in this area for a couple of years now. Spotify provides an infographic to each listener at the beginning of every December. User are able to share this infographic on their various social media accounts for their friends to see their favorite music of the year.

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