Report: Pixel Fold is Heavy, But Has Bigger Battery Than Galaxy Z Fold 4

We are beginning to learn additional details about the upcoming Pixel Fold from Google, with the device starting to take shape via device renders, dimension leaks, and now, 3rd-party sources who have presumably gotten to play with the device.

According to a source of 9to5, Pixel Fold will weigh more than the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but an exact weight in grams or ounces was not provided. For reference, the Z Fold 4 weighs in at 263g. While the weight may be more, it’s also said that the device’s battery will be larger than the Z Fold 4 (4400mAh), but still below 5,000mAh. It’s no specifics, but if you have a Galaxy Z Fold 4 sitting next to you, this should give you an idea of what an in-hand feel might be like.

Thanks to previously leaked dimensions, when unfolded, the device is wider and less tall than the Z Fold 4. In essence, Pixel Fold is going to be a lil’ chonker.

Pixel Fold at I/O in May?

Yes, it would make complete sense to see announce the Pixel Fold at Google I/O or at the very least tease it with a release scheduled for late 2023. In our eyes, Pixel Fold isn’t so much of competition to ’s well established foldable device, but instead, a device for to highlight what’s possible for on a larger and foldable display. Google has been putting plenty of work into how Android behaves, as well as enhanced features for foldable and tablet displays, so what better way to highlight these changes than with the upcoming Pixel Slate and Pixel Fold.

If you’re a fan, 2023 should be a fun year in terms of hardware.


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