Reserve Your OnePlus 10 Pro for $1, Get Free Pair of OnePlus Buds Pro

We learned today that will make all of the 10 Pro for the US information available on March 31, such as pricing and availability. However, if you already know you need the 10 Pro in your life, why not go ahead and reserve one now? OnePlus has opened 10 Pro reservations on its website, allowing customers to save a phone for $1, while also throwing in a free pair of OnePlus Buds Pro.

Sadly, we know the phone will cost more than $1. states that customers will need to pay the difference between March 31 and April 7 at.

We can’t say for sure how much this phone will cost, but given OnePlus’ pricing scheme as of late, I suspect the phone will be somewhere around $800-$1K. The included bonus of free Buds Pro is pretty awesome, so it’s something to consider.

Have at it.

Reserve 10 Pro Here


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