Ring home surveillance drone applications now being accepted by Amazon

Starting September 28th, you can apply for an invitation to purchase the Ring Always Home Cam and beta test it. The device is basically a Ring camera attached to a drone that can fly pre-determined paths across your home using the Ring app or when a Ring Alarm sensor is triggered.

It streams video footage in 1080p to the Ring app and flies with enclosed propellers. The enclosure helps protects it in the rare event of its obstacle avoidance technology failing. The drone is fully autonomous and requires only commands to fly its preset paths. It is designed to be used on a single floor only, although multi-floor support may be added in the future.

The purpose of the Ring Always Home Cam is to help users keep tabs on their home when they are not around without needing dozens of cameras across each and every room. Instead, a watchful eye can be kept on every nook and cranny of the house with a single device that records when it’s in flight. And when not in use, it simply docks itself into its charging dock that blocks its lens.

The device can be ‘taught’ to fly over to specific points in the house such as the door or kitchen stove. It can also be tied to a Ring Alarm security system and buzz over to any action, such as a door opening.

The Ring Always Home Cam was announced last year (via The Verge) and has come a long way from its early prototypes thanks to “a thousand refinements”. Thus, it is now ready for people’s homes. But not everyone’s.

Ring home surveillance drone cam

As it stands, the Ring home surveillance drone can be only availed through an invite-only program at the moment. The program can be described as a sort of post-beta test flight.

“I have it in my home, and it does work,” says Ring founder Jamie Siminoff. “But today’s homes are so unique, so we really need to get it into more customers’ homes to make sure everything we are doing is right.” After all, it is an autonomous flying machine in your home. “With any other product, we would have probably just been shipping. With this one, we are going to take our time, make sure it’s right before we go to full, general availability.”

Ring expects those that sign up for the program be willing to actually work with them and help deliver the best products to customers. To apply for the invitation for the Ring home surveillance drone, just head here.



Via: gizmochina.com

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