Rollable smartphones will hit stores in 2024

The market for foldable smartphones has become more consolidated in recent times. And a new segment with expanded screens may hit stores in the latter half of 2024. This new segment pertains to rollable screens. It has already started gaining popularity in televisions with the launch of LG Signature OLED TV R in 2020. LG also patented a rollable smartphone in 2021, but the launch was eventually canceled. announced its functional rollable smartphone, the OPPO X. But the company never made it available for purchase.

Rollable Screens: A Game-Changer for the Smartphone Market Coming in 2024

LG rollable smartphone

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Reports suggest that the OPPO X featured a single OLED display with 6.7 inches. It could expand to a more square format of 7.4 inches. According to an insider named Revegnus, Chinese manufacturers are planning to launch new formats to compete with , which currently dominates the folding market. Revegnus predicts that it is highly likely that Chinese OEMs will launch rollable phones in the second half of 2023. Although he did not specify any particular company.

It is possible that OPPO may have an advantage over other brands in this regard. But and may also launch their own versions of rollable phones. , , and HONOR could also be working on it. This move by Chinese companies comes at a good time to break the South Korean monopoly in the sector of more innovative phone formats. Increased competition in this segment is essential to ensure better products at more affordable prices for consumers.

The emergence of rollable screens in the smart phone market will bring about a fundamental change in the design of phones. With the ability to expand and contract the screen, rollable smartphones could potentially offer users a larger display. Without compromising on the portability and convenience of a traditional smartphone. The rollable screens could also offer new possibilities for multitasking, , and productivity. However, it remains to see how durable and practical rollable smartphones will be in real-world usage. As with any new technology, there may be limitations and challenges that need to be overcome before rollable phones become mainstream.


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