Russia Blocks CIA and FBI Websites Nationwide

Russia is a state that “uses means of terrorism.” This is not the only “trophy” of Putin’s regime. This country is at the bottom of the list of freedom of speech. They do their best to block all sources and channels of alternative information. This is the most effective way to tell people what you want them to hear. Also, this will not cause any issues in terms of analytical thinking. For instance, Russia has managed to block the Swiss national TV and radio firm SRG SSR. The reason is the hosting materials that refer to military censorship.

Why Russia Blocks Websites Of CIA and FBIA

Today, we learned that Russia had blocked the official US websites. They include:

  • CIA,
  • FBI,
  • US Dep of State Justice Awards Program.

It turns out they were spreading content touching Russia’s interests. So this is a political decision. We mean Russia and Putin don’t like what these sites publish. So they just packed it with paper printed “military censorship” on it. We just want to recall one thing – while the rest of the world calls it a “war,” Russia calls the situation in Ukraine a “special military operation.” This is “enough” to block anything in the country.

Gizchina News of the week

Russia blocks websites of CIA and FBI

The blocked posts show as there were extremist materials. This allowed the state bodies “to put them into the trash.”

In its turn, Roskomnadzor explained that they limited access “to a number of resources belonging to state structures of hostile countries for distributing materials aimed at destabilizing the social and political situation in the Russian Federation.”

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The case with SRG SSR can be put in the box of “military censorship”  as well. This TV firm has been posting pro-Ukrainian content, although without much aggression towards Russia.

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