Samsung Brings Back $1,000 Off Galaxy S22 Offer, Wants Your Busted Phone

Memorial Day weekend approaches and that means sales on sales. is out-the-gate early with another big trade-in promo that significantly drops the price on their Galaxy S22 line. They are also tossing in a $100 credit to spend on goodies and will take your phone if it has a cracked screen.

I can’t imagine you don’t already know the deal here, so let’s make this one quicker than usual.

will give you up-to an instant $1,000 off today if you trade-in a Galaxy S21 Ultra for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The new twist here is that your S21 Ultra can have a cracked screen and they’ll still take it and give you the full $1,000. Again, the discount comes off today, not at a later date via a prepaid gift card or refund.

At $1,000 off, you could grab a Galaxy S22 Ultra (our review) for $199.99. That’s pretty wild.

If you don’t own a Galaxy S21 Ultra that can be traded, here are some other noteworthy values:

  • Galaxy Z Fold 3: $975
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: $800
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra: $725
  • Pixel 5: $330

Shop ’s $1,000 off deal

Bonus credit + S22 deals

As a part of ’s Memorial Day weekend sale, they are tossing in a $100 credit on top of the $1,000 off. That credit can be spent on accessories, like some new Galaxy Buds or a Galaxy Watch.

When you apply a credit during checkout, typically tries to offer additional discounts on their products to further entice you. For example, the Galaxy Watch 4 is down to $175 and then you get to apply the $100 credit to it. That’s a Galaxy Watch 4 on your wrist for only $75.

As for other phones, in case you don’t want the Galaxy S22 Ultra, is offering up to $900 off the Galaxy S22+ with trade-in or up to $700 off the Galaxy S22 (our review). The same deal as above applies, where you can trade in a phone with a cracked screen and still get the full discount.

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