Samsung Display launch its OLED global website – supports three languages

Display announced the official launch of the OLED global website. Consumers and enthusiasts can now learn about OLED-related technologies, trends, and other content through the website.  Display said that this newly launched website will showcase the different products and technological advantages of Samsung OLED. As of now, the website supports three languages including Chinese, Korean, and English. It also includes the basic principles of OLED and an introduction to the advantages of OLED optimized for individual applications.

Regarding the reasons for setting up a website, Display claims that as the OLED market expands to markets such as foldable devices and notebook computers, consumer interest in OLED is also increasing. Thus, there is a need to bring direct information to consumers as well as enthusiasts.

’s OLED market share hit historic lows

There are quite a few users who criticize companies for using AMOLED screens. After all, vision is rapidly deteriorating from them, although at the moment there is no serious medical research on this topic. And given that OLED screens are gradually becoming the norm in the market, we can assume that this type of panel can celebrate a victory.

has been holding the lead in the production of AMOLED screens for some time, but its share is inexorably decreasing. If earlier its share was estimated at more than 90%, today the company controls 69.5% of the OLED panel market and in quantitative terms, it is 101 million units and this is 20% less than a month earlier.

’s share is declining under the attack of Chinese companies BOE, Visionox, TCL China Star Optoelectronics, and Tianma Microelectronics, which have mastered the production of OLEDs, and their products are increasingly being purchased by Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, iQOO, and other companies. The total share of Chinese OLED screen manufacturers exceeded 24.2% versus 15.6% a quarter earlier.

The leader among manufacturers in China is BOE. The company delivered 14.28 million panels, which is 36% more than a quarter earlier. Visionox came in second with 9.8 million units shipped.

captures almost a quarter of the SSD market in Q2 2021

SSD shipments in Q2 2021 were lower than Q1. This is partly due to the sagging demand for PCs caused by the shortage of certain components. In quantitative terms, the supply of SSDs surpassed the supply of hard drives by 47%. However, in terms of capacity, HDDs surpass the solid-state drives by 411%. has maintained its position as the leading SSD supplier.


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