Samsung Ends Update Support or the Galaxy S9 After 4 Years

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will no longer receive updates going forward. Samsung signaled the end today when updating their mobile security page and removing both phones from the list.

The move is not surprising, as they are 4-year old phones and had previously only committed to 4 years of updates for its best devices. We also knew this would be happening soon, thanks to Samsung moving each phone to the quarterly update schedule a year ago. The drop to quarterly updates has in the past signaled a final year of support.

For those not familiar with this path of support, just know that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S7 saw similar 4-year schedules. On a somewhat related note, also moved the Galaxy S10 today, but it dropped from monthly to quarterly. In other words, the S10 line is now in its final year of updates.

Four years of support is quite good for the world, which you probably already know. has already committed to 5 years for even newer phones, though. The Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22, and a bunch of foldables will see additional support on top of what phones like the Galaxy S9 got. Samsung is the king.

If you are still hanging onto a Galaxy S9, it would be time to upgrade. will give you $300 for a Galaxy S9+ right now if you trade it towards a Galaxy S22 Ultra. That’s a crazy value for a phone this old that is no longer supported.



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