Samsung Expert RAW app turns your smartphone camera into a professional one

has begun rolling out its new Expert RAW camera app in the Galaxy Store in its home country. The new app allows users to take full advantage of the main, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses of the smartphone in Pro mode, they will be able to adjust exposure, manual focus, ISO, shutter speed and control the white balance. These controls are available for both photos and videos.

Expert RAW app turns your smartphone camera into a professional one

In addition, ’s new Expert RAW camera app lets you adjust highlights, shadows, saturation, and hue just like the stock camera app on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. In addition, it gives access to histogram, offers HDR support, and can save images in lossless JPG formats and 16-bit linear DNG RAW formats.

The main drawback of the Expert RAW application is that it only works with Galaxy S21 Ultra based on One UI 4.0 shell based on 12. But a community moderator promised that in the future, the utility will receive support for the Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy Tab S5e, as well as other devices. But when this happens, he did not name the dates. Apparently, the launch of 12 with One UI 4.0 indicates that, in theory, all devices of the company will be able to work with the new utility, which will receive an update to the current version of the green robot.

leads the smartphone market in Q3 2021

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has released statistics on the global smartphone market in the third quarter of this year. Shipments of smartphone devices have declined.

Also, between July and September inclusive, 331.2 million smartphones were sold globally. For comparison: a year earlier shipments were equal to 354.9 million units.

Thus, the fall in annual terms was about 6.7%. This situation is primarily due to the shortage of electronic components. Difficulties with the production of components hit a wide variety of industries. Including computers and household appliances, the automotive industry, server equipment, etc.

So, the largest player in the smartphone market in the third quarter was the South Korean giant with a 20.8% share. In second place is Apple, with approximately 15.2% of the global market. The Chinese closes the top three with a share of 13.4%.

Then there are and Oppo with approximately the same results – 10.1% and 10.0%, respectively. All other smartphone vendors collectively hold 30.5% of the global market.


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