Samsung Galaxy S22 Gets One UI 4.1.1 Update

finished off the month of August with a bunch of updates to its best phones, including the Galaxy S22 line getting One UI 4.1.1. The Galaxy S20 and S20 series are also seeing updates through Verizon.

For the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra, the One UI 4.1.1 update brings a couple of changes worth mentioning. First, you can now edit names of files shared through Private Share, and there’s also a new Multi View menu you can use. Below, Verizon shows what that might look like on your S22 phone.

I’d imagine there’s more to this update than just those two new settings/changes. Until tells us or you get the update on your phone, we won’t know. The update still keeps you on the August patch, by the way.

If you own a Galaxy S22 device, be on the lookout for the following builds by heading into Settings>System updates>Check for system updates:

  • Galaxy S22 Ultra: SP1A.210812.016.S908USQU2AVHB
  • Galaxy S22+: SP1A.210812.016.S906USQU2AVHB
  • Galaxy S22: SP1A.210812.016.S901USQU2AVHB

Own a Galaxy S10 5G, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S20+, or Galaxy S20 Ultra? Your updates are also the August security patch, but the new features differ. The S10 line is getting simply getting the change of Duo over to Google Meet. The S20 line is getting Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) support, where you can use two phone numbers on your device at a time thanks to a physical SIM card as well as an eSIM.

  • Galaxy S10 : SP1A.210812.016.G977UVRU8HVH1
  • Galaxy S10e: SP1A.210812.016.G970USQU6IVH2
  • Galaxy S20+: SP1A.210812.016.G986USQU3FVH1
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra: SP1A.210812.016.G988USQU3FVH1

All of these updates should be rolling out now.


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