Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Note concept showcases wrap around display with S Pen

Back in September, we had reported on Samsung filing a trademark for a Galaxy “Flex Note” and a design patent for a large foldable smartphone that supports an S Pen as well. Now, a new 3D concept render based on this design has surfaced, with the device being dubbed as the Galaxy Z Fold Note.

According to LetsGoDigital, Technizo Concept made a series of 3D concept renders based on the patent images of the foldable smartphone patent. While the original patent mainly described the display and left out the finer details, the 3D concept features a complete camera module on the rear. We had initially called this device the Galaxy Flex Note based on the trademark, but the latest renders have been referred to as the Galaxy Z Fold Note.

Looking at the design of this handset, it becomes clear why “Note” is included in its name as it features support for an S Pen that has a unique housing. With the display being a foldable wrap around display that covers the back as well, the S Pen is housed in a small magnetic housing on the back of the display. So when the display is in its unfolded state, one can take out the S Pen to use it in its tablet form.


Meaning, the stylus is sandwiched in the display in its compact form. The wrap around display accounts for half of the total surface area on the back while the rear camera module houses multiple image sensors. As of right now, it is unclear if is actually working on such a product or is just covering all bases.




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