Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 passes by 3C certification with 25W fast-charging

We’re in 2021 and companies are finally starting to invest in the segment of foldable smartphones. For this year, we saw ’s return as well as ’s debut in the market with the Mi Mix Fold. There are reports that and will also present their foldable smartphones this year. However, when it comes to the foldable segment, we can say that has it under its belt. The company is ready to unveil the second generation of its clamshell-like smartphone, and the third generation of its Galaxy Z Fold series. The first smartphone came in 2019, and since then, the company improved the technology behind it. This year, the company will unveil the Galaxy Z Fold3 and it is gearing to be its foldable smartphone event.

The Galaxy Z Fol3 will come with improved glass technology and support for S Pen. So it will be a great device for those who love the productivity brought by the S-Pen smartphones. But what about the hardware? Today we have more details about the fast-charging technology coming with the new smartphone. The new details come straight from the 3C certification website.

Galaxy Z Fold3 will be bundled with a 25W charging adapter

A listing matching the supposed technical model number of the Galaxy Z Fold3 was spotted in the Chinese regulatory agency with a 25W fast-charger. The included adapter has the model number EP-TA800 and is the same one that comes included with the Galaxy Z Fold2. The number certainly is anything but impressive for those following Chinese smartphones. Companies such as and are easily going beyond the 60W fast-charging, while ZTE already has commercially available smartphones with 120W charging. Still, ’s new foldable smartphone will not have a huge battery, so 25W charging will not be so bad at all. Worth noting that this is the capacity of the included charger. The phone can still support faster-charging speeds when using another compatible adapter, but this is mere speculation at this point.

The 3C certification already revealed the smartphone’s battery capacity. The handset will come with a combined battery capacity of 4,274mAh (2,215 mAh + 2,060mAh) which may be even advertised as a 4,400mAh. Dual-Cell technology is one of the prerequisites for certain fast-charging speeds.

When it comes to the other specifications, the new smartphone is rumored to come with the Snapdragon 888 chipset. The external display will have a 5.4-inch diagonal this time around (Z Fold2 has 6.23-inch) with the same aspect ratio. The internal panel will measure 7.5-inches. Apart from S Pen support, it will come with Water Resistance and the new generation of ’s Ultra-Thin Glass.

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