Samsung Goes Fishing for Hype with New Recycled Material Used in Upcoming Galaxy S22 Models

Samsung fishing net material Galaxy S22

is all set to unveil its new Galaxy S22 smartphone on February 9 at the Galaxy Unpacked event. The Korean smartphone giant has revealed that it uses a unique material in the latest Galaxy range, made of discarded fishing nets.

In a news release, explained that the new Galaxy lineup uses a material focused on minimizing the company’s ecological footprint. The initiative is a part of Samsung’s Galaxy for our Planet initiative.

“The use of this material marks another step in our Galaxy for the Planet journey that aims to minimize our environmental footprint and help foster more sustainable lifestyles for the Galaxy community.”

explains that the discarded fishing nets are collected from up to 50 kilometers away from the shoreline because they disrupt our ecology’s “delicate balance” at an alarming rate. By collecting and reusing these nets to make smartphone components, Samsung says it is “preserving the planet and our collective future.”

Based on statistics collected by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, it appears that ’s claim isn’t a marketing gimmick. The agency reports that 640,000 tons of fishing net are discarded each year and released into oceans, damaging aquatic life and other habitats.

That said, the company has not revealed the exact percentage of plastics the new material would replace on the upcoming devices. It also did not mention the specific components made using the new material. has promised to share more details about its unique new material at the launch event on February 9.

Based on the volume of ’s business alone, it is safe to say its most minor actions could have a massive impact on the environment and sustainability. However, we look forward to the company’s detailed description of the new material at the launch event.

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[Via Newsroom]


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