Samsung Highlights Special Spotify Feature on Galaxy Watch 5 Lineup

and Spotify announced a special feature for Galaxy Watch 5 buyers this week, perfect if you’re planning on picking up one of these new smartwatches during the pre-order period. The two companies grouped the feature announcement with some other stuff, so here’s the full gist.

For Assistant fans Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro owners can simply say to Assistant, “Hey Google,” followed by any number of commands to directly control Spotify. You can control playback on music and podcasts, as well as raise and lower the volume. For Galaxy Buds 2 Pro users, they can use the Spotify Tap feature, which lets you dive into your music instantly with just a tap.

Lastly, as somewhat of a reminder because this was first intro’d back in 2020, Spotify Premium users on devices can conduct a video call listening session. When using Meet on your phone, the host will see the option to start a listening session and can then invite up to eight guests to join, so long as they too are Premium subscribers. It’s old, but still cool.

Who here is snagging a Galaxy Watch 5?

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