Samsung Is Working On ‘Extended Reality’ Wearable Devices

Is Working On ‘Extended Reality' Wearable Devices

Samsung Is Working On ‘Extended Reality' Wearable Devices

BY Ronil

Published 2 Feb 2023

Dust is yet to settle from the Galaxy Unpacked event, and we are already hearing about Samsung working on “extended reality” wearable devices. In an interview with The Washington Post, Samsung's president and mobile leader, TM Roh, confirmed the company is working on an “extended reality” device. The product is “getting there,” suggesting that Samsung's first XR wearable will launch soon.

In collaboration with Qualcomm, Samsung is developing a chipset for the gear, while will handle the software. The big G confirmed that it is developing a version of designed specifically for wearable headsets and displays.

“We're excited to work with our partners to build a new generation of immersive computing experiences that will further elevate what users can do with Google,” said Google spokeswoman Kaori Miyaki in a statement to the publication. We'll likely hear more about the search giant's efforts on a new version of Android for AR/VR devices at MWC later this month or at Google I/O 2023.

Surprisingly, Samsung will also collaborate with and Meta to develop services for its XR device. For the first time, all major tech companies, apart from , will collaborate and work on developing a product.

Apple is also working on its first AR/VR headset and could launch it later this year. As a result, we'd see a boost in consumers' interest in this field. Samsung doesn't want to be left behind, as it plans to throw its hat in the ring.

The wearable AR/VR headsets concept isn't entirely new for Samsung. The company released its Gear VR headset in 2015, which lets you use your smartphone as a display. Besides this, it also has the Odyssey headset in its portfolio. However, Samsung eventually phased out these products due to a lack of consumer interest.

Via: Android Police

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