Samsung July Updates: Galaxy Note 10 Lineup Picks It Up

The July security patch is headed out to the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ on Verizon. It’s safe to bet that this is only the start and you’ll see this post updated a couple of times with other Samsung devices as the update rolls out to additional Galaxy phones.

Once updated, the Galaxy Note 10 will be on software version N970USQS6FUF1, while the Note 10+ will be on N975USQS6FUF1.

Update #1: AT&T models are now also receiving the same update. When updated, the Note 10 will see build version N970USQS6FUF2 and the Note 10+ will see N975USQS6FUF2.

We’ll keep you posted as more devices receive the patch.

// Verizon


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