Samsung Smart Monitor M5 & M7 arrive in new 24-inch, 43-inch display models

Tech giant Samsung Electronics has announced the addition of two new smart all-in-one monitors in its growing collection of multipurpose, Tizen-powered smart monitors. The smart devices are the 43-inch 4K Smart Monitor M7 and the 24-inch 1080p Smart Monitor M5.

The range of smart monitors offers an array of features and functionality that prove their versatility. The launch of these two new models is coming after the unveiling last year of the smart monitors in 27-inch and 32-inch sizes. The new additions seem to be a strategic move by to fill the lower and upper end of sizes of the smart monitor. This would cater to a broader array of customer choices and preferences. Samsung said the 24-inch model focuses on customers searching for a good value multi-functional monitor.Samsung Smart Monitor M7

The design philosophy of the new smart monitors remains productivity and entertainment. Both models run on ’s Tizen OS, which provides a solid basis for seamless video streaming, smart connectivity to your Galaxy smartphone, and Voice Assistant support like the Google Assistant, Bixby, and Alexa. The impressive built-in speakers on the smart monitors provide a solid sound experience for users. With the Dex app, you can transform the smart monitor into a huge desktop for your smartphone.Samsung Smart Monitor M5

There is the likelihood that the M7 will have HDR10 capability in addition to its solar-powered remote control module. The M7 model also features slim bezels and a USB Type C port.Samsung Smart Monitor M5

There is no pricing information for the two models at this time. However, the two mid-size models unveiled last year cost between $230 and $400. We would expect the two smart monitors to have a wider price range due partly to the innovations, coupled with their being opposite ends of a spectrum.





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