Samsung Will Begin Production of Galaxy Ring Next Month

has been investing in the segment of wearables for quite some time. The company's first step into this category happened way back in 2013 with the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Now, we're in 2023 and the company has just revealed its Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series with new features and improvements over the past generation. However, Samsung is now taking a further step into the wearable category with a new product – the Samsung Galaxy Ring. Right now, this is an untapped territory, and Samsung wants to explore, and possibly, dominate it. (Source).

Samsung Galaxy Ring Will Begin Production Next Month

Samsung has just finished the development process and will kickstart production next month for the Galaxy Ring. The Korean tech giant reportedly secured its sourcing of the needed hardware and it just needs to decide when to start mass production. Despite the start of production, the release won't happen before 2023. Samsung needs to go through the standard regulatory process and will need to obtain various certifications to obtain a “medical device” status.

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Samsung Galaxy Ring

These certifications can last for several months, and for that reason, the Samsung Galaxy Ring still has a long ahead.

The advantages of a Smart Ring

A Smart Ring Also offers a couple of other key advantages over the smartwatch. For instance, it's more subtle, hiding the tech in plain sight with no screen to speak of. Even the best-looking smartwatches, won't be simply taken as a regular watch. The lack of a screen also means that battery life can be measured in days rather than hours, which makes it simple for one user to simply put it and forget. Samsung, though, will need to overcome some challenges like the “fitting”. There are different people with different sizes of finger, and the Galaxy Ring will need to be versatile, or perhaps, adjustable to fit different users and ensure a mainstream adoption of the new tech.

More details will likely emerge in the coming months, as the Galaxy Ring progresses through the manufacturing.

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