Samsung’s $800 Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Thom Browne Edition Now Up for Purchase

If you happen to be doing better than many other people, why not spend a few extra hundred bucks on a limited edition digital timepiece? Samsung has begun selling its Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Thom Browne edition, priced at only $799. doesn’t have specifics on just how many were made, but whatever the number is, this whole thing oozes ripoff.

For differences, there aren’t any. The Thom Browne edition comes with three strap options, plus some exclusive watch faces. Looking at ’s website, you can purchase a regular Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (our review here) in this 42mm size for just $349. That’s a much better deal and you’re getting the exact same thing, minus the bands and watch faces that could likely be sneakily sideloaded if you care that much. You’re getting the same fitness and health sensors, ECG access, and all of that.

If you’re interested, follow the link below. If I was your financial advisor, I’d say, “Don’t do it.”



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