Samsung’s Super High Trade-In Values are No More

We had a good run, Samsung fans, but our time of getting the best values for our trade-ins is done for now. updated pricing for trade-ins when buying the Galaxy S21 family this week and the bloated values they once gave you are a thing of the past.

Up until this week, you could trade-in any Galaxy Note 20 or Galaxy S20 phone and receive an instant discount of $700 off your new Galaxy S21, S21+, or S21 Ultra. Today, the only phone worth $700 is the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. From there, prices drop to $650 (Note 20), $600 (S20 Ultra and Z Fold), $550 (S20+), and $500 for the Galaxy S20.

If you own even older phones, like the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S10 lines, you are down to $450 now. Those phones fetched $550 for several months.

still offers the best trade-in program of anyone because of the instant discount they give you, but I sure hope you all took advantage of those launch values. They gave you almost 3 months to do so.


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