Segway launches the E110A electric scooter among its 2022 lineup

During its 2022 Press Day event, Segway Ninebot announced the E110A electric scooter as well as the company’s 2022 kick scooter lineup. The E110A e-scooter is coming from a growing line of seated electric scooters produced by Segway. The Segway GT- and P-series are the models that fall under the kick scooter lineup.

The Segway E110A e-scooter is a beautiful, reliable, comfortable and efficient bike that allows users to have a pleasant riding experience. Segway is gradually expanding its market reach to the seated two-wheeler electric scooter segment with the offering of the impressive E110A. The Segway E110A can achieve a top speed of 30mph, while its 1.8kWh battery can give it a range of about 35.5 miles for the scooter on a single charge. It is powered by a 1.1kW Hub motor capable of delivering a peak output of 1.5kW. The Segway E110A is thus well-suited for daily city commutes, although the battery can charge fully for up to six hours.

The Segway E110A e-scooter is lightweight, weighing about 90kg, hence it can easily operate as a sleek and highly maneuverable electric scooter suited for the buzz of city traffic. It can carry two passengers and offers a 27-liter seat bucket for storage.

The LED lights system in the E110A provides high visibility for the model, in addition to its digital dashboard, the kickstand infused into the frame, and an overall aesthetics appeal for the e-scooter. The Segway-Ninebot app provides another layer of support for the e-bike, enabling riders to track the location of the e-scooter when not in use.

The E110A has tubeless tires, front and rear disc brakes, and an IPX5 rating for water resistance. There are a few security features in the Segway E110A electric scooter including remote key operations, Password Unlock capabilities and battery safety.

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Pricing and availability details were not provided in the press release, but we expect Segway to leverage its presence or reach over 200 countries to market its 2022 lineup.


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