SHIELD TV’s Android 11 Upgrade Brings Wave of Issues

I’d like to preface this post by saying that NVIDIA is the first OEM to ship out the 11 upgrade to an Android TV-powered device. Even ’s own hardware, like the Chromecast with Google TV, is still running 10. Now with that note out of the way, I can honestly ask, what the heck is up with NVIDIA’s Android 11 upgrade for the SHIELD TV lineup?

I haven’t upgraded my SHIELD TV (2019, aka Little Tube Guy) to 11 yet and after reading through the SHIELD TV reddit, I don’t plan to. As we’re now seeing, owners are running into many issues. For example, Plex Media servers are busted, a lot of apps haven’t yet been optimized/updated to run smoothly on 11 (this is due to developer access, not NVIDIA’s fault), as well as a black screen bug after boot-up which appears to be related to a handshake issue between SHIELD TV and your actual TV.

The list of issues is pretty long, with some of these bugs rather major, so we’ve reached out to NVIDIA to see what’s going on. We’re waiting to hear back and will update this post once we hear back.

While we wait to hear NVIDIA’s plans to correct some of these issues, we’d like to know if any of you are experiencing problems. Any issues among the Droid Life community with the SHIELD TV 9.0 upgrade?

Cheers Tyler!


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