SID 2022: TCL Showcases Futuristic Looking Displays that Can Be Made Today

Besides and BOE, the Chinese Huizhou-based electronic giant, TCL is also a major player in the smartphone display industry, specifically under its display department, the TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology(CSOT) Corporation.

Last week, TCL CSOT was invited to attend the SID Display Week 2022 Trade Show in San Jose, California, where the company showcased its flagship display products and advanced technologies. The company was even nominated as the Best Large Booth of the 2022 I-Zone (Innovation Zone) awards. Here are some first looks at what the company unveiled at the event.


TCL introduced its 34-inch WQHD R1500 curved Mini LED display designed for e-sports which offers a 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio, a 165Hz high refresh rate and a fast-responding HVA screen with a smaller halo. The display is compatible with different variable refresh rate technologies that provide an undistorted, smooth and clear PC experience. 

TCL 34-inch WQHD 165Hz Curved Mini LED DIsplay

Leveraging on TCL‘s advanced algorithms, the display meets both the VESA Display HDR 1400 certification and FreeSync Premium Pro certification requirements. It delivers the best light and dark contrast and dynamic rendering meeting the requirements of e-sports players and specialized users for visual display.

TCL Mini LED 75-inch 8K
TCL 75-inch 8K 120Hz Mini-LED

The company also showcased its enormous 75-inch 8K 4Mask 1G1D Mini LED screen that trails on TCL’s latest and superior 8K 1G1D technology. Comparing with the difficult 8K TFT-LCD backplane 4 mask manufacturing process, this new mini LED screen significantly improves processing capacity while ensuring perfect image quality. With TCL‘s original glass-based Mini LED backlight with ultra-high individual zones controlled by a local dimming method, the brand claims the screen offers excellent image performance comparable to an OLED.


TCL 360 Foldable OLED
TCL 360 Folding OLED

On the foldables front, TCL has also made several industry-leading strides with their 8-inch 360 degrees folding display panel, which was earlier revealed during CES 2022. The display utilises TCL’s Pol-less technology integrating the leading technology of foldable screens with a 360 degree stress-free self-compensating hinge. When folded, it can be an easy-carry phone for capturing dynamic information with one hand; when unfolded, the uninterrupted 8-inch OLED display provides a perfect big-screen video or mobile experience.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality headsets require high resolutions to provide an immersive experience, and TCL knows it quite well. Which is why the company has unveiled its new 1764 PPI Real RGB LCD-VR panel which boasts higher pixel density than other competing VR LCD screens. It boasts a 90/120Hz smooth refresh rate with fast Liquid Crystal technology that eliminates the door-screen effect and vertigo common in existing VR products. 

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The 1512 PPI LCD-VR panel, TCL‘s first VR product which made its debut in 2021, and also comes with variable refresh rates was also announced by the company at SID 2022 to go into mass production this year, as an industry statement for TCL‘s industry-leading advantages in the VR space.


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