Sign Up to Test Unannounced OnePlus Buds Pro Earbuds, Nord 2 5G

OnePlus has opened the Lab this week, accepting applications for community members to receive and review unannounced devices, this time being the Buds Pro and Nord 2 5G. I’m pretty sure that no one was aware that the OnePlus Buds Pro were a thing, so that’s cool of OnePlus to make them official.

If you’re not familiar with Lab, the company allows users from its forum to submit writing and photo samples in order to receive free devices. If selected, the user must review the device and then allow OnePlus to use that review for marketing purposes. There are other rules and requirements, but for the most part, if you have experience shooting with a camera and writing tech-related reviews, there’s a good chance you can get selected to test unannounced devices. Oh, and you get to keep the devices!

If you want to take a chance and apply, follow the link below.

Apply Here



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