Smart home products from BN-LINK are heading to Europe

Smart homes filled with interconnected gadgets are slowly becoming a reality and the market demand for smart home products is on the rise. And very soon even european customers will have a chance to step into the smart world of yet another big brand. California based brand BN-LINK just announced their expansion plans last week and we should be seeing them on the European market with their smart home products by the end of the year.

And guys from BN-LINK are certainly quite a household name in the category already. Originally founded in February 2014 as the timer outlet brand Century, they gradually expanded their fame and portfolio. And in April 2019 with the introduction of the new innovative BN-LINK brand the things got even bigger. Many of their items got the prestigious ranking as Top 3 bestsellers on Amazin in the electrical outlet switch category, but that’s just part of it. Now they are covering not just the indoor and outdoor smart sockets, but also a wide variety of smart in-wall switches or smart string lights powered by Tuya platform and compatible with Alexa and Home ecosystems.

The european expansion plans are quite ambitious and should be focusing primarily on UK, Germany and France. By 2023 the number of EU households using BN-LINK products should rise from the current 3 million to 9 million. Not a bad forecast to have and they are fully invested and believing in their strategy and products.

One of their new star products is also currently available on Amazon with a fantastic discount offer, so it would be a shame to pass on that. BN-LINK smart Wi-Fi plug outlet can really enhance your smart home with some more options and features. It is a smart plug with energy monitoring and smart scheduling, but the real kicker comes with the advanced voice controls. It is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Home platforms and you don’t even need a hub for the connection. Hands-free control over your home appliances certainly has its major charm and for the killer price it gets even better.

BN-LINK smart Wi-Fi plug outlet (2 Pack) is right now up for grabs for just $8.49, thanks to the discount coupon RLD4N6OT. That’s really the best price ever, way ahead of any similar competition. On top of that you are also getting 15 months of local warranty and Amazon FBA fast and easy delivery. With such an offer there is really no reason to delay your entry into smart home world for any longer.


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