Sony will launch the PS5 Pro in April 2023 with liquid cooling

While the PS5 has been available for just over two years, Sony is currently getting ready to introduce a completely new console – The PS5 Pro with a new design. According to a source with knowledge of the situation, this would arrive in the next few weeks. We are talking about the PlayStation 5 Pro.

The PS5 Pro would arrive in April 2023 with liquid cooling

An intriguing piece of information about Sony's upcoming home console was revealed by the Abhishek Yadav insider referring to the french Phonandroid website citing an anonymous source. He claims that the Japanese company will launch a completely new PS5 model as early as April 2023, or roughly 2.5 years after the end of 2020 which saw the launch of the current model.

The source confirms that it will be a Pro model rather than the Slim variant we have been hearing about for a while. If it is a Pro model, we can presumably anticipate better console performance and, as a result, a new chip from AMD. However, it is still too early to predict the level of power that we can expect.

PS5 Pro

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According to the source, the Pro version's primary innovation would be at the level of cooling in addition to improved performance. The PS5 is now using a cooling by a fan and a liquid metal compound. Which has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Sony should switch to liquid cooling, sometimes known as “water-cooling,”. Which is typically seen in several PCs, to replace this technology in the new generation. Therefore, we may anticipate better heat management. Which won't prevent the console from being cooled if the chip is more powerful. We'll have to wait for more information on that, although a cooling change could also indicate a design change.

A brand-new cooling system would be available for the PlayStation 5 Pro

Sony may decide to sell off its PS5 stock before the release of the next model. Remember that Sony recently declared that the chip shortage had ended. And that it should be easier for you to get a PS5 unit now. The PS4 and PS4 Pro were able to survive for quite some time. So the two versions shouldn't be in direct competition with one another. In particular, it is very likely that the PS5 Pro will be available at a price much higher that the PS5.

Last but not least, there is no assurance that the PS5 Pro will be available in sufficient quantities to satisfy demand. Particularly given the current shortage of electrical components. After the PS5's release in 2020, we would then be in a similar situation.

Last but not least, if a PS5 Pro or Slim version were to be released soon, the Japanese company would likely announce it through a State-Of-Play, as is customary. We will have to take this patiently because there are currently no plans for an event of this nature.

Above all, extreme caution is required. We must handle this information very carefully. We do not even have a confirmation on the existence of the PS5 Pro by Sony as of yet. Furthermore, the company could change its mind at the last minute, so we are not immune. Everything is still feasible, including changing the project's name, date, or both. Finally, the information came from a source who does not want to reveal its identity. But he already contacted the mentioned website in the past and proved to be reliable.

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