Spotify Adds Lyrics!

I don’t know why I’ve used so many damn exclamation marks today, but deal with it, friends, it’s a good day of news. Spotify adding lyrics to their freakin’ app after all these years is fun!

And yes, that’s what happened today. Spotify announced it will start to present lyrics to songs from your favorite artists, thanks in part to a partnership with Musixmatch. You’ll soon (possibly today) find all of those words you certainly confused for other words as a part of your Spotify experiences everywhere.

Both free and Premium Spotify users will be able to access the new Lyrics feature, which will hit Android, iOS, desktop, consoles, and TV. I can tell you that none of my apps are showing Lyrics yet, but they should shortly.

To access on mobile, you’ll play something in Spotify, tap into the “Now Playing View,” and then look for an area towards the bottom that you can swipe up on to view lyrics. Those lyrics will even scroll in real-time. On the desktop app, look for a microphone in the “Now Playing” bar, and on TV apps, there should be a “lyrics button” in the right corner.

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