Super Mario Bros. movie streamed on Twitter to millions of viewers

Piracy is a rampant problem that plagues the film industry, and even the most popular box office movies are not immune to it. This is the case with Super Mario Bros. the film, which was illegally streamed on Twitter in its entirety. The Nintendo feature film was available for several hours before the social media platform finally took it down, and millions of users watched it during that time.

Super Mario Bros. movie leaks on Twitter in its entirety

It made history as the best start for an animated film when it was released on April 5. However, it only premiered in Japanese theaters on April 28. Just two days later, on April 30, an internet user broadcast the entire movie on Twitter. Movies have been illegally available on the social network before, but it is rare for them to remain available for several hours before someone removes them. The user responsible for the leak has not received any severe punishment, and his account remains active.

Over 9 million internet users watched Super Mario Bros. the movie on Twitter. It’s not the first time the film has been released outside of theaters. In Argentina, a television channel aired the movie just a week after its theatrical release. Despite this, neither Twitter nor Nintendo have made any official statements regarding the film’s availability on the social network.

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The user who originally aired the film ultimately deleted the tweets. But millions viewed the movie before that happened. The user later tweeted an apology for the leak. They were able to easily broadcast the film thanks to Twitter Blue. A subscription service that allows users to post videos up to 60 minutes long in 1080p resolution. Someone posted Super Mario Bros. the film in two parts on Twitter.

The movie is still in theaters. It will soon be on streaming platforms. The film is temporarily available on Twitter. But it’s better to watch it legally to support the creators. This helps the film industry thrive.

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