Take-Two CEO Shares Thoughts on PS5 Pro and Mid-Gen Console Upgrades

PS5 Pro, PS5 Slim, and mid-gen console upgrades in the Xbox lineup have garnered significant attention. Despite the excitement surrounding these consoles, Take-Two Interactive CEO, Strauss Zelnick, holds the belief that these upgrades lack significance.

With the release of Take-Two's most recent financial results, Zelnick had an interview with IGN. At that interview, Zelnick said that the mid-gen upgrades such as PS5 Pro will only be meaningful if there's a serious upgrade in the hardware department. But as we've all seen with the past releases, mid-gen console upgrades don't really bring too much change.

So, Won't the PS5 Pro and Other Mid-Gen Console Upgrades Be Worth It?

Zelnick told IGN, “It all depends on what that mid-generation upgrade would look like.” He added, “Generally speaking, the mid-generation upgrades haven't really changed much.” Considering that, Strauss Zelnick believes that PS5 Pro and other mid-gen console upgrades won't be that meaningful.

According to past reports, Sony is planning to release a new PS5 model, likely the PS5 Pro, sometime later this year. Moreover, is considering refreshing the Xbox Series X. But both of these upgrades will build on the same standard model. That means they won't come with substantial hardware upgrades.

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We've seen the same trend in the past. There's no denying that the PS4 Pro model is more powerful than the regular PS4. But the performance gap is not as massive as PS5 vs PS4. So, it goes without saying that the same thing will happen with the upcoming PS5 Pro.

PS5 and PS4

But this doesn't mean that the upcoming PS5 Pro won't be worth it. For example, PS4 Pro allowed the games to play in 4K resolutions. Those who had a proper 4K setup did find the upgrade worthy. Likewise, if you have what it takes to utilize the full power of the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro, it'll definitely be a worthy investment.

However, the Pro model won't add much to the table from a game development perspective. So, Zelnick's claim is right in that regard.

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