Telegram Gets New Power Saving Mode, Enhanced Media Playback Speed Controls

Telegram has another big update inbound for and iOS devices, with the main highlight being a new power saving mode for Android devices, plus performance enhancements for lower tier Android devices to ensure everyone is getting a smooth experience on the messaging service.

The power saving mode, accessed via Settings > Power Saving, allows users to set limits on specifics things such as Autoplay of GIFs and Videos, as well as Sticker animations. For example, if your phone drops below a certain percentage, you can disable these features individually or all of them. All of the settings can be tweaked by the user, which is nice.

In addition to the power savings, Telegram is also adding in enhanced media playback speed controls. Users could already control playback speeds, but with the update, users are getting granular controls. This allows for even greater speed control.

Need more? You greedy punks. Alright, Telegram also lists specific read time receipts for people in groups of 100 members or less, auto-send invite links, dynamic order for sticker packs, new animated emoji, new interactive emoji and reactions, plus a ton of bug fixes.

In this update cycle, Telegram developers took a two-week break from implementing new features and eliminated over 400 known imperfections across Telegram apps.

If you’re a Telegram peep like us, get on it.

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