Tesla is shipping 2022 Model Y EV with AMD Ryzen chips

The 2022 Tesla Model Y is gearing up to see a major upgrade. The company is gearing up to receive an improvement in interface, with the inclusion if an AMD Ryzen chips for a better and faster touchscreen.

Model Y

The new chip would basically enable the car to offer better user experience while other upgrades include a lithium ion auxiliary battery and laminated glass. As of right now, the electric vehicle making giant is gearing up for the launch of the latest iteration of the Model Y, which should be available globally in the coming months. Furthermore, customers in China have already started receiving new upgraded Performance models, so these can also be expected to ship in other regions as well.

At the moment, the wait time for a Performance variant in China has reached a full year. Now, one of the Chinese owners shared an image on Twitter, which revealed that their new Performance variant is powered by an AMD Ryzen chip over the Intel Atom, which had previously powered the MCU (media control unit) on older EV models. Looking at the tweet, the person stated that the company’s Gigafactory in China is installing the latset AMD Ryzen series chips on the latest Model Y Performance.

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Similarly, another customer also took to Twitter to share that their latest Model Y also features an AMD Ryzen chip, front and rear laminated glass, 16V lithium ion battery, and a 78.4 kWh LG NCMA battery as well. Reportedly, this chip is the same one that is also shipped with the Model S and Model X. Although, it is paired with 8GB of RAM rather than 16GB since the Model Y only has a singly display to operate.


Via: gizmochina.com

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