Tesla slashes price on FSD assisted driving feature to $12,000

Tesla has recently announced a 20% price cut on its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software, bringing the cost down to $12,000. The FSD feature is an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) that enables Tesla cars to perform certain driving tasks autonomously. These tasks include navigating on highways, changing lanes, and parking. The FSD package also includes features like traffic lights and stop sign control. This allows the car to stop on its own at traffic lights and stop signs.

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Tesla has been working on developing autonomous driving technology for several years. The company’s Autopilot system, which is a precursor to FSD, was first introduced in 2015. Since then, Tesla has been gradually adding new features to its ADAS, with the ultimate goal of achieving full self-driving capability. However, the development of autonomous driving technology has been a challenging task, and Tesla has faced several setbacks and controversies along the way.

The Price Cut

The recent price cut on the FSD beta software is a significant move by Tesla, as it makes the feature more accessible to a wider range of customers. The $3,000 price cut brings the cost of FSD down to $12,000. Though this is a lot of money, it is now more in line with the prices of other high-end ADAS systems on the market.

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The price cut also comes at a time when Tesla is facing increasing competition from other automakers in the ADAS space. Many regular automakers are now offering advanced driver-assistance systems on their cars. Some brands are even working on developing their own autonomous driving technology.

Impact on Tesla’s Business

The price cut on the FSD beta software could have a huge impact on Tesla’s business. The company has been heavily investing in autonomous driving technology. The success of its FSD feature is crucial to its long-term growth strategy. By making the feature more affordable, Tesla could attract more users and generate more revenue from FSD sales.

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However, the price cut could also have a negative impact on Tesla’s profit margins. The company has been struggling to achieve consistent profitability. Thus, the price cut could put further pressure on its finances. Also, the price cut could also lead to a decrease in the resale value of Tesla cars. This is because the FSD feature is a major selling point for many Tesla owners.


The recent price cut on Tesla’s FSD beta software is a significant move by the company, as it makes the feature more accessible to a wider range of customers. The price cut could have a significant impact on Tesla’s business, both positive and negative. However, it is still too early to tell how the price cut will ultimately affect Tesla’s financials and its position in the ADAS market.

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