The $7000 Apple Mac Pro M2 Ultra Launched With a Hard Drive Issue but Fix Is Coming Soon

In case you missed it, Mac Pro with M2 Ultra launched at the WWDC event that took place just a couple of days ago. M2 Ultra is the highest-end Apple silicon that you can get. Also, it is one of the fastest chipsets that a current-gen workstation can have. That applies to both the computational and graphical performance.

For a chipset that's so great, you would expect the new Apple Mac Pro to be highly stable, right? Well, right after the launch, the system is showing SATA drive issues. To be specific, the SATA drives disconnect when the system wakes up from sleep. But the good news is that Apple has highlighted the problem in the support document.

More Details About the Issue

If you are unfamiliar with the SATA issue of Apple Mac Pro, it basically revolves around the ports available for connecting internal hard drives. The bug resides on the software side, which disconnects the hard drives when the device wakes up from sleep.

Apple Mac Pro

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This weird bug can hinder the workflow of users who just got their Mac Pro. And considering the fact that the starting price of the system is $7,000, things are not looking good for Apple. Moreover, you would not expect a device with such high-end specs to showcase such an issue right after launch.

There's a Temporary Workaround for the 2023 Apple Mac Pro Issue

As mentioned earlier, Apple has acknowledged the issue of the 2023 Apple Mac Pro. And along with highlighting it in the official support document, Apple said that it is working on a fix. It will release a macOS update soon that will fix the issue and make the SATA drives work smoothly.

Apple M2 Ultra chipset

But before Apple releases an update to fix the bug, you can follow these steps for a temporary fix –

  1. Got to Settings on your 2023 Apple Mac Pro
  2. Navigate to Displays and then to Advanced
  3. Find “Prevent automotive sleeping when the display is off.”
  4. Toggle that option off

By turning off the auto sleeping setting on the Display section, you can prevent the system from getting into sleep mode. That will eventually keep the SATA drives on all the time.

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