The iPhone 14 Pro Was Supposed To Get A Better Graphics Processor, This Is What Happened

The iPhone 14 does not seem to lag behind in anything as far as premium smartphones is concerned. From design, camera performance, battery life, speed, screen quality to graphics. You cannot just talk about a premium smartphone without mentioning the iPhone 14 Pro series. It lacks nothing physically neither does it lack anything technically.

The iPhone 14 Pro Would Have Featured A Better GPU iPhone 14 Pro

But what if I told you that planned for the iPhone 14 Pro to do even more? Yes, Apple had a better plan for its current flagships as far as graphics is concerned. Apple actually planned a major jump in Graphics for the iPhone 14 Pro, but things didn't go according to plan.

Apple had to hold on with the development of a new GPU unit due to unprecedented missteps that was discovered at the very latter stage of development. The information claims that Apple engineers were very ambitious to add more features to the graphics processor that was meant for the iPhone 14 Pro. Such features included ray tracing, a technology to achieve a higher level of realism in games.

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What really happened was that the prototype that featured the new GPU had a battery drainage problem.  The GPU drew more power than Apple expected and also caused over heating in the device.

The iPhone 14 Pro Uses GPU Chip From iPhone 13 iPhone 14 Pro

According to sources close to the information, Apple discovered a flaw in the GPU of the Pro models at a very late stage in the development cycle of the iPhone. So, Apple had to quickly revert to using the GPU that it used in the iPhone 13 series.

Even though a lot of people may not realize it due to the power of the Bionic A16 chip, the iPhone 14 Pro sure comes with only a little improvement in the GPU. Apple is well known for drastic improvements in its GPUs over the previous models. That was not the case between the iPhone 13 and the 14 series.

There are other claims that Apple restructured its graphics processors team due to a lot of workers resigning. This includes key figures that could contribute such emergency chip design issues.

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