The ‘More Powerful Search’ Capability of Google Photos Will Amaze You!

Search is among the most underrated features of Photos. In case you have tried the feature, it lets you look up objects without requiring you to do any prior tagging on the photos. And it seems that Google is now planning to revamp the feature and make it ‘more powerful.'

You might have already seen it in action if you have logged into Google Photos recently. As per reports, Google Photos is now inviting some users to “Try a more powerful search.” Popping in a blue prompt, the invitation even explains how to use it. Some examples that it gives include “colorful sunset,” “Cinderella,” and “peaceful garden.”

Google Photos Is Preparing for A Major Search Update

As the examples suggest, the “more powerful search” ability of Google Photos will let you attach a quantifier to a place or object. It's basically similar to the natural language queries that Google Assistant is capable of handling. And the good news is that the search capabilities will expand if you have tagged faces on the photos.

Google Photos Powerful Search

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With faces tagged, you can search for photos of those people at a particular location. For example, you can enter “Alice and Bob at the beach,” and Google Photos will bring up beach photos with those two people in them. 9to5Google reports that several results are coming up as a part of a new “Most relevant to your search” section on the web.

Google Photos New Search

That section now displays results sorted by relevance instead of by date. A Google spokesperson told 9to5Google that Google is constantly experimenting with new methods to help people find and relive their photos and videos. And as you can guess, Google has made a major jump with this particular experiment in that regard. Hopefully, it will roll out to all the users pretty soon.

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