The New Nest Thermostat is $30 Off Again

The newest Nest Thermostat, the one with the mirror display that comes in a handful of pretty colors and was released only last year at a reasonable price, is on sale! $30 off is the deal, matching that of Amazon Prime Day’s festivities. That’s right, if you missed the Prime Day sale, you have a second chance at greatness.

To recap the new Nest Thermostat, this is typically a $130 gadget, but Amazon has it in numerous colors for $99 today. It has touch-sensitive sides for using it at the wall (older models had sweet rotating pieces), is setup and run through the Google Home app, which lets you control the device from anywhere, and can be tweaked using your voice and Assistant.

My Nest Thermostat E (and the 3rd generation model I used before it) is absolutely one of my all-time favorite smart home gadgets. I’d imagine this new Thermostat will work great in most homes and bring you similar joy. Just know that the Nest Temperature Sensors that work with older models do not work with this one, you’ll have to spend an extra $15 to get a wall trim kit as is picture above, and it has only a 1-year warranty. That price, though…

You should read our Nest Thermostat review if you haven’t already.


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