These are the iOS 17 features I’d like to see on Android

recently unveiled its new operating system, iOS 17, and as a passionate smartphone user, I was excited to see what new features it had to offer. After testing it on my iPhone, I was impressed with some of the new additions, and it got me thinking that should take note of these features and bring them to the ecosystem. Here are some of the iOS 17 features that I believe would greatly benefit Android users.

iOS 17 Features That Could Benefit Android Users: What Google Should Take Note Of

Contact posters

iOS 17 Android

The first feature that caught my eye is the new contact poster. This feature allows users to create their own profile, which they can then share with their contacts. This feature is not limited to standard calls but also works with third party applications. Users can customize their posters with different effects, fonts, and colors, adding a personal touch to their profiles. This feature could be a valuable addition to Android, especially for messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Hangouts. It would allow users to homogenize their experience across different ecosystems and personalize their profiles to their liking.

Separate profiles in the browser

iOS 17 Android

Another feature that I think would be a game-changer for Android is the ability to detach profiles in the browser. Many users have multiple email accounts or use one device for both personal and professional use. Apple‘s Safari browser allows users to keep browsing separately between work and personal profiles. Each with its own history, passwords, extensions, tabs, cookies, and favorites. Bringing this feature to Chrome on Android would be a significant improvement, making browsing more organized and efficient. It would allow users to keep their personal and professional lives separate. And make their browsing experience more tailored to their needs.

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Sensitive Content Warning

The sensitive content warning feature is another useful addition to iOS 17. Before sending photos or videos, users can blur the preview to ensure that the content is not viewed unintentionally. This feature is available in Messages, AirDrop, posters, FaceTime, and third party apps, and is part of the iOS communication security suite. This feature would be beneficial for Android users, particularly for messaging applications where sensitive content may be shared. It would offer an extra layer of security and privacy for users. Ensuring that their content is only viewed by the intended recipient.


Lastly, the namedrop feature allows users to wirelessly share contacts, posters, phone numbers, and emails by simply bringing their iPhone close to another iPhone or Apple Watch. This feature is similar to Android Beam, which allowed users to pass data via NFC. However, Google discontinued Android Beam in 2018, leaving Android users without a similar feature. It would be great to see namedrop or a similar feature return to Android through the Nearby Share framework. It would allow users to easily share their content with other Android users. Without the need for cables or other accessories.

Conclusion: iOS 17 vs Android 14

In conclusion, iOS 17 has some great features that could enhance the Android user experience. From customizable contact posters to sensitive content warnings, these new features could greatly benefit Android users. While some of these features may already exist in Android, they could get better and integrated into Google's OS ecosystem in a more seamless manner. It remains to see whether Google will take note and bring these features to Android. But doing so would be a step in the right direction. It would allow Android users to enjoy a more personalized, secure, and efficient user experience.

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