This New Google Docs Feature Is A Blessing!

's Workspace apps are popular among businesses. Therefore, the search engine giant has been working to improve them. Google is introducing a new Google Docs feature to make it easier for users to find commonly used tools. Previously, users had to access different features through toolbars and menus. With this update, everything will be streamlined.

The new “Enhanced Tool Finder” feature will be available in Google Slides, Sheets, and Docs. It basically works like a search bar. You can recognize the new feature by the magnifying glass icon on it. This new feature can be found in the “Menus” label in the top left corner.

New Google Docs Feature Will Also Be Available on Google Sheets And Slides:

The new search bar feature has a pill-shaped design. This feature will automatically suggest features to users based on the application they're using. For example, you might see the feature “Page setup” in Docs, “Edit theme” in Slides, and “Insert rows/columns” in Sheets. As with other search bars, you can search for a specific feature by typing its name or description.

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Let's say you want to access the Activities dashboard but don't know its name. You can simply search for the feature by its description, such as who last viewed the document. This is really helpful for beginners who don't know how to access features like a pro.

This new Google Docs feature gives you easy access to the Find & Replace tool, which is pinned below each search result. Just like other standard search bars, you can see your previous searches. The best part is that you will be able to see keyboard shortcuts along with the tools. This will help you to memorize shortcuts.

Before this feature, users used the Search feature in the Help menu to find tools and other features. This update just makes it easier for them to search. You may want to wait a while to access this tool, as Google is gradually rolling out this feature. The new Google Workspace Apps feature could be available by 25 May.

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