Thursday Poll: Are You Over Headphone Jacks and Expandable Storage Yet?

Alright, it’s been a few years with most flagships not offering headphone jacks or expandable storage. Has the world ended or are you over it by now?

When I think about headphone jacks, I think about LG and its now dead mobile phone business. LG put a lot of effort into bringing the best audio to customers via the headphone jack, but unfortunately, they should have been spending more time on software updates and a better software experience in general. As for expandable storage, you can go with Sony, but they don’t seem overly concerned with the US market at all at this point.

In the US, we have and Google (and OnePlus, I guess), with both companies no longer offering flagship devices with a 3.5mm output or expandable storage. I don’t see as many people upset by this as I used to, but let’s hear your thoughts below.

Have you fully adopted the wireless earbuds and internal storage lifestyle?


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