Thursday Poll: Do You Use a Smart Thermostat?

Once I installed my first Nest smart thermostat, I knew there was no going back for me. Heck no, I can’t go back. It’s simply too convenient to have temperature controls on my phone and a voice command away via an integrated smart speaker. In fact, I’d go so far as to say smart thermostats kick ass. They can help save you money on your energy bill, too, which is always super groovy.

It wasn’t always the case, but these days, smart thermostats can be had for pretty darn cheap, regardless of whether you’re into Nest, ecobee, or whichever companies might be getting into the field. Considering you can get a new Nest thermostat for as low as $99 — probably even cheaper when you consider rebates or other promos from your local energy company — there’s no reason you shouldn’t be incorporating this tech into your home.

So, do you use a smart thermostat in your home?

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