Time to Show Off Your Home Screen!

Surprise, it’s time get your home screens spruced up and ready to share with the world! We haven’t asked anyone to show off their home screen since implemented wallpaper color-based themes inside of 12, so I think we’re in for some gorgeous screenies this time around.

Above, we can see Kellen’s Galaxy smartphone running Nova Launcher, the Flux weather app, the Dynamic Material You icon pack, and this wallpaper. Below, you can see my home screen, but it’s nothing too special. It is ’s Clock app widget, a pimped out Google Search widget, ’s stock launcher, and a wallpaper from my favorite Abstruct app. I need to step my icon game up.

Now it’s your turn.

Below in the comments, you can directly upload a screenshot of your current setup and let us all judge it. Don’t worry, we’ll be kind.

Via: droid-life.com

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