Time to Track Sh*t: Samsung’s SmartTag is 50% Off

Smart tracking devices became all the rage in 2021 for reasons I can’t quite figure out. and Apple both joined the party of trackers, even as companies like Tile have existed for years. The timing is great, though, as we’re all headed out of a year+ quarantine, ready to live again, and might need to keep track of sh*t.

Today, as a part of Amazon Prime Day, ’s SmartTag is 50% off, so you can grab one for just $15. That’s a good deal, dude.

The SmartTag attaches to objects (like luggage or your keys) and helps you track down a precise location of the object once you are within 130 yards of it. It has a battery that lasts about a year, is water resistant, and uses the SmartThings app as the way to locate stuff.

No code needed at the link below, just buy it.

Amazon Deal Link

Via: droid-life.com

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