Time’s Running Out to Get Samsung’s Great Galaxy Z Flip 4, Z Fold 4 Pre-Order Offers

If you are still thinking about snagging a Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Galaxy Z Fold 4, time is running out to get in on ’s legit pre-order offers for these devices. You’ve likely heard us say it before, but if you’re ordering a Samsung device, there’s no better time than the pre-order window.

During the pre-order period, ups device trade-in values, is doubling your storage for free, the instant store credit for accessory purchase is typically higher, and the free goodies you can sometimes get are never better. Seriously, check it out.

If you have a great trade-in, you can currently get up to $900 off the device, $200 in instant credit, and is also throwing in a free silicon ring case for the device. That’s a $40 value right there, according to Samsung. For the Galaxy Z Fold 4, you can get up to $1,000 off via trade-in, $200 in instant credit, plus a free case that includes an S Pen. That’s a $90 value.

We try not to repeat ourselves too often, but you should definitely consider this route if these devices interest you.

Pre-Order: Galaxy Z Flip 4 | Galaxy Z Fold 4

Via: droid-life.com

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