TSMC currently has no plan to enter Europe

In recent times, there have been speculations regarding TSMC’s expansion. In addition to building advanced-process chip production plants in the United States, there are reports that TSMC may also build chip production plants in Europe. However, the European Union wants to be self-sufficient. The region wants to reach 20% of high-end chips in Europe by 2030. It intends to attract investment from major manufacturers such as TSMC, which has aroused the attention of TSMC’s European layout.

According to a report by Taiwan’s “Economic Daily”, in response to the reports, TSMC’s response is not entirely positive. The company says “There are many considerations in choosing the location of the factory, including customer needs. TSMC does not rule out any possibility, but there is no specific plan for setting up a factory in Europe.”

This clearly states that TSMC currently has no plan for Europe. However, the company is not ruling out the possibility as anything is possible.

TSMC is currently one of the world’s top semiconductor manufacturers, with multinational divisions, advanced process and production work concentrated in Taiwan Province of China. Its global headquarters in Taiwan but it has offices in North America, Europe, Japan, Mainland China, South Korea, India, and other places. 

TSMC to flood the U.S. with 5nm manufacturing plants

According to the latest report from Taiwan, TSMC plans to build a total of six 5nm plants in Arizona. These plants’ size is about twice the size of the plant TSMC’s Nanke plant, one of its “base camps”. According to industry insiders, TSMC’s Arizona wafer fab investment will rise to NT$1 trillion ($36.2 billion). Its total monthly production capacity will exceed 100,000 wafers. TSMC will surpass to become the non-American semiconductor factory with the largest production capacity in the U.S. It will also have the most advanced technology in the United States.

According to reports, the company will have huge incentives for its employees in the U.S. According to the relevant welfare instructions, the basic requirements for the company to assign US employees are that the employees have three years of experience and provide TOEIC test results. Furthermore, the employees will undergo training in the Nanke 18A Plant in May this year. However, their appointment to the U.S. will not come before September 2022. The company also promises to provide good incentives for its workers in the U.S.

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