Tuesday Tidbit: Remember How Hard It Was to Buy the Pixel 6?

I had the privilege of spending an evening with my brother over the weekend, who just so happens to be a big Pixel fan. I was mentioning that the 13 beta has been really great so far and that he should give it a try on his Pixel 6 Pro. Then we got to talking about how extraordinarily difficult it was to order the Pixel 6 when it was first released. Thinking about the device now, with many people acting as if it’s the world’s buggiest phone and Amazon even flash selling the Pixel 6 Pro for $599, this model from has certainly had it highs and lows and it’s only been 250 days since launch.

Even with the drama these phones have faced, some of it justified and some of it not in my eyes, I already know that the Store is going to have major issues when the Pixel 7 comes around. Can you imagine when/if puts the long awaited Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 models up at the same time? If you’re a Pixel fan trying to get a hold of these devices, have the Excedrin Migraine ready to go.

This post wasn’t supposed to turn into a Store bash party, but here we go. I don’t see why Google can’t figure this out. Every year it’s the same deal. They build up the hype for its new phone, then release it onto a web store that can’t handle more than 50 people (a major exaggeration, it’s probably in the thousands upon thousands) trying to order the same product. seems to have gotten much better about selling its devices, so god forbid we take an idea from Apple, but something needs to be done about that Store.

We do not want to relive last year’s frustrations. Just read some of the comments we found online during the Pixel 6 launch. It’s rough.

As always, I’m the more optimistic of the Droid Life duo. I shall remain positive and hope for the best, while also preparing for the worst. But so help me, if I don’t get my Pixel 7 Pro in that slate/bronze-like colorway, the world will burn.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

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