Turn Simple Sketches Into Stunning Photos with Stable Doodle

Stability AI, the company behind the Stable Diffusion AI image creation program, has launched a brand new AI image tool called Stable Doodle. Users can transform their simple sketches into stunning, high-quality photos using this program. The goal of Stable Doodle is to allow more people to use AI image tools. It’s also could be fun, when turning kids’ sketches into paintings.

The power of sketches and text suggestions

Stable Doodle’s easy-to-use interface allows anyone, regardless of their drawing skills, to create great AI images. Users begin by drawing a simple outline, then provide a text prompt that instructs the AI to create the desired artwork. The system combines the T2I adapter from Tencent’s Applied Research Centre with the Stable Diffusion XL model. As a result, the app can interpret the drawings.

Stable Doodle AI creation tool

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Stable Doodle offers a selection of pre-selected styles to guide the drawing process, ranging from realistic to anime. Users can experiment with different prompts and presentation types to achieve the desired result. The quality of the final product depends on the original sketch and how informative the text prompt is, although the tool is often easy to use.

Stable Doodle Usage: More Is Coming

Stable Doodle can be useful for designers and artists who want to create mages for slides way faster. Stability AI intends to provide use cases for specific industries. For instance, they include real estate. Also, it allows users to input their designs in the future.

Despite its outstanding achievements, Stable Doodle has several limitations. The quality and accuracy of the final image may be affected by the AI system’s heavy reliance on text prompts. Other than that, as with other AI tools, there are some concerns referring to privacy and permissions. We mean that the tool uses a huge volume of photos to train the AI model. So our photos are no exception. If you remember, something similar happened with ChatGPT. The latter has been using our inquiries to further train AI. But after tons of reports, OpenAI made it optional.

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