UFC 5: Full Reveal Coming in September, Brace Yourself for the Best Yet

EA Sports has revealed the release date for the UFC video game franchise. The latter has announced that UFC 5 is now in production, three years after the previous game's release. Although there is still no official release date, the studio has posted on social media that a “full reveal” will take place in September. It ought to target next-gen systems like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

One of the best fighting games is on the way

After the brief suspension of the Fight Night revival revealed by Insider last year, UFC 5 has finally been announced. An internal email revealed that the development of Fight Night has been put on hold to ensure the timely delivery and high quality that UFC fans have come to expect from UFC 5. A sign-up form is available on EA's website for those interested in receiving more information about the game.

EA Sports UFC 4, the first installment in the series, debuted to generally favorable reviews. The addition of in-game commercials, which came two weeks after the game's initial release, drew harsh criticism from fans. Despite this criticism, the game was the 16th most downloaded game in North America in 2021 according to PSN. It kept holding a spot in the top 10 of the PS4 download rankings in both Europe and the United States as of April 2023.


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In June, EA announced a corporate restructuring that will see the company split into two companies with separate management structures. This change is part of EA's plan to unify its studios and create two separate companies in the form of EA Entertainment and EA SPORTS. In this sense, the EA Sports UFC series has always been popular for its visuals. So when the game is out in September, players can expect to see further improvements and upgrades.

Is there a cover athlete for UFC 5?

Who will appear on the cover of UFC 5 and capture the attention of fans around the world is the subject of much speculation. There are many athletes vying for this prominent position due to the significant improvements and adjustments made to the UFC 4 version.

Fans mention Charles Oliveira as a strong contender in the race for the cover. The Brazilian has shown impressive improvement in the lightweight division since his loss to Makahchev. So there is every reason to think he is an excellent choice for the cover. But there are other top fighters competing for the prized position. A strong contender is Leon Edwards, who recently won and successfully defended the belt against former champion Kamaru Usman. Other potential cover stars include Islam Makhachev, Alexander Volkanovski, Khamzat Chimaev, and even the legendary Jon Jones. By the way, the latter appeared on the cover of the first UFC game.

The anticipation of the surprise is building as fans wait impatiently for the announcement. Speculation is rife as to which fighter will appear on the cover of UFC 5. The choice will recognize the promotion's rising stars and represent the current scenario of the UFC.

Expected Improvements

One disappointing part of UFC 4 is the grappling. The ground game is poor, but the strikes, especially the knockouts, are exciting. EA has opted for a straightforward strategy that requires only a few inputs to perform activities. They include standing up, attempting submissions, or switching to ground and pound. Unfortunately, this approach lacks a natural feel and does not adequately convey the true nature of mat work. The complexity and expertise required are diminished. The whole experience would be greatly improved by the implementation of a more responsive and fluid system.

Fans were unhappy with UFC 4's lack of creativity in providing players with new and interesting game modes. While some of the new modes, such as the fast-paced Kumite Arena and Blitz Battles, gave the game a unique character, they ultimately felt inconsequential and did not add much to the core experience.

The career mode in many EA Sports games has also come under fire for failing to build on the improvements made in UFC 3. While there are rewarding aspects to helping a novice fighter reach the top of the MMA world, UFC 5 should attempt to present a bigger and riskier mode given its track record of success.

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